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Gamechops Summer Tour Dates

Come see the Gamechops crew as they tour the United States and abroad! They’re making their way across the country to perform at a convention near you.

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What Not To Miss At Philly Tech Week

Hope you didn’t have any plans (like sleeping or going to your job) starting Friday, April 29th, because Philly Tech Week kicks off and it’s going to be huge this year. There is going to be over 50 events ranging from coding workshops and robot fights to dance parties, performance art, professional networking and retro gaming competitions, there’s something for absolutely everyone.

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Con season: How To Survive a Convention

Originally written by Elly Rox and posted at Philly Geek Girl in 2014.

With summer approaching, and con season on it’s way I thought I’d share some of my tips for convention survival, this applies to massive productions like Wizard World Comic Con and indie cons alike. Heed this advice and by the end of the day you may be a little less worse for the wear.

Preparing ahead of time
Sleep is your friend, a well-rested con goer is a happy con goer. Do yourself and your companions a favor and get a decent amount of sleep the night before the con. I know you’re excited but take some melatonin or something, tired grumpy zombies are only fun when it’s a costume.
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12 Days of MAGFest: Ellen McLain (Portal and Portal 2)

Of all the video game bad guys I’ve faced–the Bowsers, the face-huggers, the Giygases, it’s the passive-aggressive homicidal A.I. GLaDOS from Portal and Portal 2 that still gets to me. The final scene haunted my dreams for months after I beat the first Portal. Even just hearing her make fun of me in Poker Night 2 throws off my whole game.

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