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12 Days of MAGFest: Ellen McLain (Portal and Portal 2)

Of all the video game bad guys I’ve faced–the Bowsers, the face-huggers, the Giygases, it’s the passive-aggressive homicidal A.I. GLaDOS from Portal and Portal 2 that still gets to me. The final scene haunted my dreams for months after I beat the first Portal. Even just hearing her make fun of me in Poker Night 2 throws off my whole game.

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Bubble Man from MegaMan2 Recreated on a Music Box

I basically started a blog just for a place to save things like this.

And for you Portal fans…

and lastly, a video I can unfortuantly not embed, but untold treaures exist on the other side of this link. FYI, this video is of the single object i desire the most in the world.

Dj CUT MAN licensees “Run To Japan”

It’s a big day for me, my original song “Run to Japan” that I recorded at Moving Box Studios just got licensed to Armor Games.

Last year, I wrote a fun little asian-inspired song called “Run to Japan”. I recorded it at Moving Box Studios, I hadn’t written music in a while and needed a break from the other studio works I should have probably been doing. I posted it to Newgrounds, the online flash community, and let it be. It was a fun and kind of dorky little beat, I figured someone would probably dig it. I couldn’t help but imagine animation going along with it, the song structure is progressive and it felt like taking a train into a jungle and then running into a japanese city.

It was around march I was contacted by Newgrounds user Jimp who was working on a game called Sushi Cat, he wanted to use the song in his flash game. Fuckin sweet, go for it. I was recently contacted by a rep from Armor Games who was working on porting the game for the iPhone. We worked out a deal and I granted a license. I framed my contract, cause I’m a huge dork. >B]