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Become A GameChops Ambassador!

If you’re a fan of Dj CUTMAN’s music label GameChops, and a content creator you can now apply to join the GameChops Ambassador Program (GCAP).

The GCAP program is available to content creators, streamers, and journalists who have a focus or passion for video games and music. Ambassadors will be helping GameChops reach larger audiences while getting free music, exclusive early access, and other benefits which will be developed over the course of the program.

GameChops is an independent record label, based in Philadelphia, and if you’re accepted we just ask that you share music on release day. If you receive advance copies from GCAP, it always helps if you purchase and post reviews for songs you enjoy. With GCAP you can help us share some of the world’s best video game music.

You can fill out the application here!

Happy Birthday N64!

20 years ago, on this day in ye olde 1996, in Japan, the Nintendo 64 went on sale. It would be the PlayStation’s rival, bringing us some of our most loved ‘classic’ games. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, NHL ’99, Mario Kart 64, Resident Evil 2, Super Smash Bros., and GoldenEye 007.
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Awesome Fan Art Commemorates Splatoon’s First Anniversary

On May 28, 2015, Nintendo Released Splatoon, a cartoonish third-person shooter that lets the player control a human/squid hybrid and duke it out in multiplayer by splatting each other with ink. Nintendo’s unexpected smashing success was met with immediate praise and adoration. Fans everywhere Continue reading Awesome Fan Art Commemorates Splatoon’s First Anniversary

This Borderlands Cosplay is Unreal (No, Not the Engine)

Cosplay duo Thousand-Faces brings the cel-shaded art style of Borderlands to life in the most astounding way as Tiny Tina and Krieg. Continue reading This Borderlands Cosplay is Unreal (No, Not the Engine)