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Awesome Fan Art Commemorates Splatoon’s First Anniversary

On May 28, 2015, Nintendo Released Splatoon, a cartoonish third-person shooter that lets the player control a human/squid hybrid and duke it out in multiplayer by splatting each other with ink. Nintendo’s unexpected smashing success was met with immediate praise and adoration. Fans everywhere Continue reading Awesome Fan Art Commemorates Splatoon’s First Anniversary

Miyamoto Congratulates Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary

Last week, Nintendo Designer Shigeru Miyamoto put out a video on the Pokemon YouTube channel offering his congratulations to the franchise. Miyamoto speaks briefly about his involvement in the series, mostly surrounding the original entry in the franchise.

Continue reading Miyamoto Congratulates Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary

5 Albums for $10, GameChops 2 Year Anniversary Bundles

GameChopsFrom now until the end of the weekend, GameChops and Loudr are teaming up to offer you two incredible bundles of licensed video game remixes. Whatever your style, be it energetic dance music or chilled out electronica, we’ve got you covered.

For just $10 you can get five albums in your style of choice. This is an incredible deal offered only once a year. It’s my way of saying thanks for supporting GameChops and reading this blog all year.

GameChops EDM Bundle

Club Needlemouse ( Sonic the Hedgehog )
VLAD ( Castlevania )
Boss Beats ( Mega Man)
NESteryears ( Nintendo Classics )
Triple Triad: Booster Pack ( Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII )

Chillout Electronica Bundle


KK and Friends ( Animal Crossing )
Ridge Racer Arrange (duh)
Hydrocity ( Sonic the Hedgehog )
Goombette ( Super Mario RPG)
MeowMeow and BowWow ( Zelda: Link’s Awakening )

Bundles are available from now till Sunday, pick ’em up before they’re gone. And remember to share this post to help spread the word!