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Miyamoto Congratulates Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary

Last week, Nintendo Designer Shigeru Miyamoto put out a video on the Pokemon YouTube channel offering his congratulations to the franchise. Miyamoto speaks briefly about his involvement in the series, mostly surrounding the original entry in the franchise.

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A Gritty, Live Action Pokemon Movie ?!

I was browsing the puketastic new layout of SickDamage.com when I ran across this video. Leaked to ShogunGamer.com, this appears to be a screener of a trailer for an upcoming Pokemon movie. Colorful CG creatures aside, the film looks well shot and a darker tone is set by this video. This might just be the thing that gets me back into the franchise. If you’re not familiar with Pokemon, this post probably won’t help, but seriously who’s not familiar with the series that created Mankind’s Cutest Creation? Just watch the video.

I Can’t Stop Listening to the Bicycle Music from Pokemon

I can’t stop listening to the bicycle music from pokemon. it’s just so goddamn fun. it’s like i’m riding my bike to an ice cream truck that gives away free money and hot dogs.

[audio: bicycle.mp3]

I have to obtain each one! Pokamans!