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Pac-Man: The Movie

The imagination of indie geeks never ceases to amaze me. Over the past few years we’ve seen live action fan-films of MegaMan and Sonic, but never has some one dared to take on the incredibly popular and totally plot-devoid world of Pac-Man. That is, until James Farr wrote this script, and Steelehouse agreed to produce it. As ComicsAlliance.com put it, this is the fan film you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Learn more at ProjectYellowSphere.com

The Legend of High School (in the 80s)

Anamanaguchi retweeted this youtube video today and I had to post it. It’s a wonderfully acurate fake movie trailer for what The Legend of Zelda would be if it was an 80’s teen movie. Watch:

This crew are also the guys who did the God Of War Indie Movie. Nice work!

A Gritty, Live Action Pokemon Movie ?!

I was browsing the puketastic new layout of SickDamage.com when I ran across this video. Leaked to ShogunGamer.com, this appears to be a screener of a trailer for an upcoming Pokemon movie. Colorful CG creatures aside, the film looks well shot and a darker tone is set by this video. This might just be the thing that gets me back into the franchise. If you’re not familiar with Pokemon, this post probably won’t help, but seriously who’s not familiar with the series that created Mankind’s Cutest Creation? Just watch the video.

Street Fighter Video ATTACK!

I found this video linked up by Twitter user cypherus today, a new short film inspired by an iconic video game, this one titled Street Fighter: Legacy

And what super rad fan film would be complete without a short and sweet behind the scenes?

And then YouTube told me this was sweet and it sure is.