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Rom Hack Roundup: Series Crossovers Part II




It’s kind of hard to believe that making illegal games was ever profitable, but judging by the amount of work that went into some of these, there must have been some market for it. Either that or some really smart folks just had nothing better to do with their spare time. Either way, we get some interesting gems such as Kart Fighter to check out thanks to their efforts…

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Guile’s Theme Remix

Check out Guile’s Theme remix, as a free follow-up to A_Rival’s HEADBANGERS, the Street Fighter Remix EP! Guile’s Theme is re-imagined as a metal / edm track featuring FamilyJules7X on guitar! If you’re a Game Chops subscriber, there’s a free download here. Listen to the whole EP, HEADBANGERS, and you can hit up FamilyJules7X’s channel here.

The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2

Need more video game beats? Asis Galvin has you covered with his new release: The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2.

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HeadBangers: Street Fighter Remix EP by A_Rival

HeadBangers is a 5 track Street Fighter remix EP, featuring tracks made famous by the arcade versions of Street Fighter. EDM and Game Music fans are in for a treat, HeadBangers features super tight mixes and huge sound design. The perfect soundtrack to #RiseUp, HeadBangers features remixes of Ryu, Chun Li, Cammy, Balrog, and Vega.

With video game remixes dating back to the year 2000, A_Rival has contributed to fan projects and official game music. He’s DJ’d at Evo, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, and has produced music for countless promotions and events with his band Super Square.

HeadBangers is now available worldwide. Support on Loudr, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play