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The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2

Need more video game beats? Asis Galvin has you covered with his new release: The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2.

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Mixer Productions

It’s about time I featured MIXER PRODUCTIONS. Based in the UK, MIXERPROD is a mash-up artist that I’ve been spinning for a few months now. This guy’s Soundcloud is like a library of shit I love, well produced mashups of pop, hip hop and r&b with video game and pop-culture instrumental tracks. Like Tae K, MixerProd represents hard and delivers a ton of songs. Here’s a few choice tracks:

Craig David vs Streets of Rage – 7 Days of Rage by MixerProductions

Will Smith vs Streets of Rage – The Last Men In Black by MixerProductions

Michael Jackson vs Sonic – Dark Fortress Rock by MixerProductions