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DISQUS – Our New Comment System!

Hey there! I rare get excited enough about functionality upgrades to make a post, but I’m really amp’d about this one. We’ve incorporated DISQUS (pronounced Discuss), to make commenting on VideoGameDJ.com better and easier than ever. Now, you can visit any article’s page and quickly post comments via your twitter, facebook, or a number of other accounts. You can, of course, still sign up for a VideoGameDJ account, but now you won’t be required to post comments and participate in conversations. Hooray!

So get out there, and let us know what you think of our articles!

Dj CUT MAN licensees “Run To Japan”

It’s a big day for me, my original song “Run to Japan” that I recorded at Moving Box Studios just got licensed to Armor Games.

Last year, I wrote a fun little asian-inspired song called “Run to Japan”. I recorded it at Moving Box Studios, I hadn’t written music in a while and needed a break from the other studio works I should have probably been doing. I posted it to Newgrounds, the online flash community, and let it be. It was a fun and kind of dorky little beat, I figured someone would probably dig it. I couldn’t help but imagine animation going along with it, the song structure is progressive and it felt like taking a train into a jungle and then running into a japanese city.

It was around march I was contacted by Newgrounds user Jimp who was working on a game called Sushi Cat, he wanted to use the song in his flash game. Fuckin sweet, go for it. I was recently contacted by a rep from Armor Games who was working on porting the game for the iPhone. We worked out a deal and I granted a license. I framed my contract, cause I’m a huge dork. >B]