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DISQUS – Our New Comment System!

Hey there! I rare get excited enough about functionality upgrades to make a post, but I’m really amp’d about this one. We’ve incorporated DISQUS (pronounced Discuss), to make commenting on VideoGameDJ.com better and easier than ever. Now, you can visit any article’s page and quickly post comments via your twitter, facebook, or a number of other accounts. You can, of course, still sign up for a VideoGameDJ account, but now you won’t be required to post comments and participate in conversations. Hooray!

So get out there, and let us know what you think of our articles!

8-Bit VST Plug-ins (Make Chiptunes Now!)

Yesterday I discovered this awesome directory of Chiptune samples, continuing my quest this morning I ran across this post on 8bitcollective detailing a number of VST plug-ins that emulate and recreate classic chiptune sounds! Many of these plug-ins are free, so you can download them and load them into your favorite music making program and start chipping out! I made this piece last night with The Magical 8bit Plug-In. Wow there are a ton of links in this post.