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JavaScript GameBoy Color

Rare is a website this cool. The JavaScript GameBoy Color Game Center is a web-based GBC emulator that hosts a handful of awesome GameBoy Color Games and requires no download to play. Using HTML5 and JIT engines this site offers a desktop-like emulation experience right inside your browser window. It even includes the LSDj demo, for browser-based chiptuning. Awesome.

The JavaScript GameBoy Color Game Center

8-Bit VST Plug-ins (Make Chiptunes Now!)

Yesterday I discovered this awesome directory of Chiptune samples, continuing my quest this morning I ran across this post on 8bitcollective detailing a number of VST plug-ins that emulate and recreate classic chiptune sounds! Many of these plug-ins are free, so you can download them and load them into your favorite music making program and start chipping out! I made this piece last night with The Magical 8bit Plug-In. Wow there are a ton of links in this post.