Gamechops Summer Tour Dates

Come see the Gamechops crew as they tour the United States and abroad! They’re making their way across the country to perform at a convention near you.

Members of Gamechops are performing at multiple conventions this summer. If you’ll be attending any of these conventions this summer, double check your schedules and make time to see Dj CUTMAN, Grimecraft, Ben Briggs, and James Landino performing live! They are some of Gamechops most prolific performers and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Check the schedule below and show your love and support to our performers.

VidCon – Anaheim, CA June 23:
Dj CUTMAN (Panel & Performance)

Too Many Games – Oaks, PA June 24-26:
Dj CUTMAN, Grimecraft, Ben Briggs

SGC@RTX – Austin, TX July 1-3:
Dj CUTMAN (Saturday Night Rave)

Minami Convention – Chile, South America July 9-10:
Ben Briggs

Anime Festival Orlando – Orlando, FL July 29-31:
Ben Briggs

ConBravo! – Ontario, Canada July 19-31:
Dj CUTMAN, Grimecraft

Super Smash Con – Chantilly, VA August 11-14:
Dj CUTMAN, James Landino

PAX West – Seattle, WA September 2-5:
Dj CUTMAN, Grimecraft

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