Mario 64 – File Select (GrooveCube Remix) GameChops Spotlight

Take a listen to this trap remix of Mario 64’s File Select Theme by GrooveCube! The arrangement of this familiar tune and GrooveCube’s clever, collage-like use of samples harken back to the nascenccy of this 1996 3D platformer Goliath.

GrooveCube has a unique way of infusing the melody with Super Mario 64 samples to create a very organic sound. The music sounds homogeneous, but not in its typically negative connotation. It’s homogeneous in the fact that the music carries a sense of wholeness between all its different elements. It doesn’t simply take the music and arrange it in a different style, it creates a totally unique, self-referential musical entity.

If you like the track, then follow GrooveCube on Soundcloud and get your Free Download! GrooveCube has lots of other video game remixes available on his Soundcloud so make sure to give those a listen as well.

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