12 days of MAGFest: Q&A with Rekcadham

Today we’re talking to Rekcahdam, the drummer/programmer/hacker/man about MAGFest who’s been an on-stage staple the last few years. But in 2016, he’s playing his own music and doing things his way.
Q: How many times have you preformed at MAGFest?
A: This is my fifth year. I’ve preform every year, drumming with people but this is the first year I’m going to be preforming my own stuff.

Q: What brings you back to MAGFest every year?
A: I like all the stuff I shouldn’t. I like chilling, seeing friends. I mean, I love to preform, I love playing drums and seeing everyone’s bands. But I like the shenanigans!

Q: Yeah man, it’s about hanging out in the hotel parties. You got any new tunes for us this year?
A: So, this year is my first time preforming my own music at MAGFest. I’m going to be debuting three new songs as well as just playing all my own music. I have to tell you, my set at MAGFest is not going to be normal.

Q: Oh yeah?
A: Oh yeah. It’s going to be like a rock-opera. There’s going to be costumes, a storyline, voice acting, I’m going to be rapping and drumming and it’s going to be wild. I’m playing with two guitarists and two special guests.

Q: That sounds awesome!
A: I want my set to be super-epic. I’m going all out.

Q: Who are some of your influences?
A: Dennis Chambers is a jazz/experimental drummer, he’s great. I like it because there’s no limits. He’s played every kind of music. He explores everything and it’s all good. I also like Jay Electronica, because he’s a storyteller. Everytime I listen to I hear something new.

Q: Which shows are you excited to see this year?
A: I feel like I know everyone and always so happy to see everyone, but I’m definitely not going miss Metroid Metal—they’re my friends, they’re so good—Bit Panda, Super Soul Brothers are great. I think there’s a chiptunes rave, that sounds cool. Really, I just go with the flow and have fun. That’s my style.

Q: Have you been working on anything else, outside of your music?
A: BandSaga is a video game I’ve been working on for over three years. It’s a game where you’ll be able to create your own worlds through music. It’s finally coming out in 2016 and it’s really exciting. I’m going to be playing some music from BandSaga at MAGFest, so listen for that.

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