3DNES Emulator Transforms Your Favorite NES Game into a Pseudo-3D Trip

Ever wondered what your favorite classic Nintendo games would’ve looked like in 3D? Now you can get a feel for what it could have been like with the 3DNES emulator. It appears that the emulator takes some data about what is “walls” and what is background to extrapolate a likely 3D interpretation of the game.
It’s obviously still in its beta phase; it occasionally glitches out or flickers. Text and character sprites often distort as well. At its best moments, you get what looks like a papercraft Super Mario or Megaman. Other games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Contra turn into a trippy glitchfests that are still pretty fun to check out.

It’ll be cool to see how the future versions progress, but it’s worth checking out now, it even runs in-browser with Firefox.

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