8-Bit Music Power coming out for Famicom

After 21 years, Columbus Circle will be releasing a new unlicensed cartridge for Famicom. 8-Bit Music Power, will be a 12 song collection of chip-tunes that’s actually on a Famicom cartridge. You’ll either need the original system, or the NES Famicom adapter. Some users with retro game systems should also be able to use the cartridge.

The album, curated by RIKI includes game composers whose credits include Nobuyuki Shioda (Recca Summer Carnival 92′), Takeaki Kinumoto (Star Hector), Yuriko Keino ( Xevious, Pac-Land, Digdug), Hiroaki Sano (Guitar Freaks) as well as other chip-tune artists Prof. Sakamoto, Tappy, and Saitone. The thing is, this album is . In order to play the album, players need a working Famicom.

The company was, “surprised at the overwhelming reaction we’ve received. Fans and major retailers in the U.S. asked us to make the product available there.” saying it was just something “among old Nintendo fans around us,” a spokesman told The WSJ. Depending on the reaction, Columbus Circle shared that they would certainly consider making a NES-format version, and of course more Famicom cartridges, as music and potentially games.

8-Bit Music Power is due out in Japan on January 31st, and will cost $34 /4,104 yen.

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