Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy

ENDLESS FANTASY - DIGITAL COVER ARTAnamanaguchi has certainly made a name for themselves in the world of chiptunes. I doubt many would argue that they are one of the biggest chiptune/rock bands out there. With their latest 22-song release, paid for by the fans themselves via Kickstarter and not involving any record label, Anamanaguchi is showing just how versatile and dynamic they really are.

If you’ve heard their previous releases, you’re familiar with their fun Weezeresque-rock + NES lead instrumental sound. It’s fun, upbeat and always full of suprises. The Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game soundtrack expanded the pallete to using Gameboy sounds and a bit more “video game” styled songs.

However, this time around, on Endless Fantasy the guitars have taken the back seat for the first half of the album. You might be in for a shock at how danceable this album is. Live drums and guitars have been dialed down for great chiptune sounds and vocal samples that might remind you more of Daft Punk than Weezer. Tracks like Prom Night and Japan Air feature guest vocals and could easily be played on the radio next to the latest electro single. It might not be what everyone was expecting from them, but its hard to deny how great it all sounds.

And don’t worry, the guitars do make a come back on the second half. Spf 420 and the obvious Weezer-homage titles In the Basement and Space Wax America are classic Anamanaguchi goodness that will make you smile. Every track is full of suprises and you’ll surely find your own personal favorite amongst all the variety. This is their most professional sounding album to date, and I’d suspect any fan of VGM or Chiptune will find something they like here.

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The music video for Meow!

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