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Smitten by Litten

Hey everyone! If you’re anything like me, your excited about this week’s announcements of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon starters! Well there’s one in particular I am just enamored with, the fire-type cat pokemon Litten! Check out this flash animated music video where I proclaim my love for this new little guy, by way of an old school rap band ballad. Enjoy!

(get the full details in the youtube description)

You may also like my more memey,, the video where I designed the workflow that made Smitten by Litten possible.

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The Best Star Fox Zero Promos

While Star Fox Zero, Nintendo’s highly anticipated sequel to Starfox 64 comes out tomorrow, and the Internet isn’t short with hype. Nintendo released a full 15 minute animated short to promote the new installment.

My label GameChops has produced a music video that’s briming with hype, combining visuals from Starfox 64 and Star Fox Zero with an original EDM tune inspired by the Starfox sound effects.

Intense game promo is nothing new, check out this (maybe official) Star Fox 64 promo video from 1997

Super Video Game Nightcore Mixtape

The “Artists” over at international video game remixing super group PARTY MEMBERS have just released a brand new Nightcore album, which this writer believes is what it sounds like when you set a youtube video to play back at 1.25 speed.

Nightcore, or “NXC” as folks who have a limited use of their keyboard call it, is popular among dance music fans, millennials, squirrels, certain cats, ghosts who haunt power plants, and that guy who always hogs that good table at the coffee shop on the corner. Seriously, what is it with that guy? He doesn’t even order anything. He just sits there all day staring into his phone like he dropped something into a well and can’t return home without it. Why don’t you let some of the paying customers sit by the window, huh??

Whatever your feelings on Nightcore, you have to admit that this video must have taken a long time to render.

If you must, downloads for VGM NXC 001 can be found on Bandcamp. Please, don’t follow Party Members on Soundcloud.