Chiptune Samples for Music Makers

I recently downloaded Nanoloop for my new iPad, in a quest to find a quick and fun way to make chippy kind of beats. I’m traveling to Germany this summer and I don’t want to bring my whole rig, but I definitly want a way to write music. Well, if you haven’t used Nanoloop, I suggest you check it out, it’s a supremely cool micromusic maker (6 tracks, each with one synth or sampler) and the interface on the iPhone/iPad is simply amazing.

What’s more amazing then any particular sequencing software, is this page I ran across today while searching for Chipmusic samples to load into Nanoloop. It holds a wealth of links to chiptune samples, and a ton of them are free. If you’re looking to make chiptune or chip inspired music and don’t know where your old gameboy is, this site will help you out.

3 thoughts on “Chiptune Samples for Music Makers”

  1. They added a Chiptune sound pack to iSequence a while back too. iSequence is probably my favorite iPad tracker, it does automation, has a configurable sampler, exports midi, does your laundry and more…

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