Dj CUTMAN’s Epicly Huge Gigannouncements!

I have some big huge gigablaster post of announcements and releases today so without further delay lets get to it!

GAMECHOPS VOLUME 2, the follow up beat-tape to Volume 1 (originally debuted at MAGFest 9) GameChpos Vol. 2 is now available, FOR FREE. This is largely due to those who supported me at conventions and live shows, but it is ultimately my way of saying thank you to all the game composers from the past three decades who made the music we grew up (and continue to grow) with. GameChops Volume 2 features instrumentals from a myriad of games, from revered series like Final Fantasy to unlikely anthems from Ducktales. Some of the tracks have been previously released and others are brand new, all mastered for a full sound, full volume record. Listen, share and enjoy GameChops Vol. 2.

CHIPTOPIA, the new installment of my ChipTuneMusic mix series will be released 2/12/12, and will feature a mini-mix by a world renown Chiptune performer. A contrast from the dark and brutal tracks of Dubtropolis, Chiptopia tells a tale of an 8-bit utopia, where there is music every night, every act gets a free meal, and there is not a hater in the sight. Is this place real, or just a myth? You decide on 2/12/12.

Listen to a preview on Soundcloud.

I CAN HAS THIS DANCE, a remix of producer Benjamin Briggs’ track is now mastered and is available for free download via Soundcloud! I have been a long-time fan of Ben’s work with Overclocked Remix, especially his Super Meat Boy remix. This is a remix of one of Ben’s original tracks, taken in a Chiptune/House direction with inspiration from Deadmau5 and Daft Punk. I met Ben in person at MAGFest, where he saved my life multiple times in the hectic preparation for the epic DJ Showdown.

LIVE@MAGX, my live chiptune, electro and dubstep DJ set from MAGFest X will be available on 1/24/12, as a free downloadable mix from Soundcloud.

If you can’t wait, come out to GREEN HILL ZONE in NYC for an encore performance.


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