Flash Man (James Landino Remix)

STOP! It’s time (see what I did there?) to listen to the newest GameChops single–Flash Man (James Landino Remix)

Flash Man (James Landino Remix) Available Now

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Joining the proud ranks of GameChops’ Mega Man remixes is James Landino’s Flash Man remix. Flash Man, who has the ability to freeze time with his Time Stopper, is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. Mega Man 2 is arguably the most popular Mega Man game and is commonly regarded by fans of the Blue Bomber as their favorite in the series.

Flash Man is another in a new trend in James Landino’s video game remixes to have a binary arrangement style. The music will start with an intro and verse/buildup that is very close to the source material. The chorus/drop has a contrasting hard dance style that is not driven by the source’s melody but is influenced by it and/or will include allusions to it.

This trend can be found here in Flash Man as well as in Pokemon FLO and in his Smooth McGroove Dark World remix. It’s a pretty novel and interesting approach to the art of remixing video game music. Be sure to download Flash Man and follow James Landino and I think we’ll see this remixing style grow and develop even further.


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