Lost MegaMan Boss: BOND-MAN (really?)

Hardcore Mega Man fans know that the first Mega Man game, released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System has only six bosses (aka ROBOT MASTERS.) Each game following had eight, displayed in the famous 3×3 grid that inspired my DjCUTMAN website. Rumor speculates that the first game did intend to have eight bosses, but two were cut because it was the 80’s when people did crazy things for no reason (not much has changed, huh.) Well the nerdtacular nerdstorians over at The Mega Man Network have uncovered this guy, BOND MAN, a robot with the powers of glue. Sure, not as threatening as slitheringly useless Snake Man, or the logistically impossible Wood Man, but I could imagine how a robot with the powers of adhesion could somehow cause a threat to our relentless robot hero. not really.

The materminds over at themmnetwork.com are also responsible for uncovering epic Mega Man phenomena such as The Capcom Hand and The Mysterious Wily Pipe. To think, without these noble crusaders of retro game information I might actually be productive right now.

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