Revengineers Guitarist’s Epic Solo Project Little Paw Releases Space Corgi LP

Nick Maynard is the guitarist and LSDJ master behind the Revengineers, probably the best post rock chiptune fusion outfit around and definitely one of the best live acts. You might have also heard his work with the slightly more chill shoegaze/post rock of Noisewaves.

Little Paw is a solo outing featuring, guitars drums and lush keypads backing striking LSDJ leads and arpeggios. It’s a bit more ‘dancy’ than the Revengineers and has a more pop vibe overall. However, you definitely hear the emotionally charged melodies and chords that will recall Revengineer favorites along with some new, more upbeat vibes.


Nick’s excellent guitar playing takes center stage a bit more on this album than it ever did with the Revengineers, where it’s main job was providing texture and energy. One of the interesting and most divergent pieces on the album is “Flying Slowly.” A M38 influenced piece where subtle pads and lilting guitar chords create a backdrop for a robotic vocoder voice reciting fragments of MacArthur Park, all this suddenly gives way to a smoky Dave Gilmouresque guitar solo that sounds like it flew right out of the 80s.


Other stand out tracks are the opening “What Kind of Day Is It” and “Energia”, both of which would be the perfect soundtrack for an intergalactic Corgi’s daily activities. Also included in the purchase are some great extras for fans. Mega Mandibles is a Revengineer demo that sounds like them covering an early Anamanaguchi track.

You also get a preview of what Nick is doing next with the Wicker Kittens, a lush female-vocal fronted dreampop group with some great stuff going on. Also included are a remix of a future Revengineers song and a song from a past project.

Grab this excellent album today on bandcamp.

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