Rom Hack Round Up: Original Games Created From Rom Hacks

In the week’s Romhack Round Up, we take a look at three impressive romhacks that go above and beyond the basic “alternate version of your favorite game.” These three games are essentially original titles built on the engines of tried and true classic game titles.


This week, we will look at one NES series and one SNES game that can stand on their own as original works. As usual, our romhack patching tutorial will help you get up and running with these great games.

Dragoon X Omega Series



Original Rom : Part 1 – Dragon Warrior (Nes), Part 2 – Final Fantasy (Nes)
Try if you like: Classic console RPGs and futuristic settings

Dragoon X Omega throws every piece of music and artwork from the original Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy roms and creates a post-apocalyptic world filled with psionic super soldiers, alien creatures and a complex history. Dragoon X Omega deals with the story of the last of a group of super soldiers who must stop an invading force.

The sequel takes place a millennium later on another planet, but relates to the story and heroine of part 1. That’s as much as can be said without spoiling the epic story. For those without the patience to “grind” for experience points, easy versions of the hacks exist as well which require little level building or fighting for money. These games are really well done in every aspect; the music and dark, detailed graphics are especially memorable in my opinion.

Dr Mario World


Original rom : Super Mario World (SNES)
Try if you like:  Dr Mario, Super Mario World , Super Mario Brothers

If there was even a canonical explanation of Dr Mario, I never saw it. This awesome romhack, Dr Mario World Redrawn, creates an entire story behind the excellent puzzle game and turns the Doctor into a platforming hero with a little help from the cast of Mario regulars – including Wario as a playable character.

The depth of this romhack is pretty amazing. There are references to all the Mario games, even parts that have you dropping down into the Dr Mario pill bottle – much like the pot interiors in Super Mario Bros 2. While some of the level design is occasionally not super inspiring or innovative, the overall experience is an unforgettable one.

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