Rom Hack Roundup: Super Mario 64 Star Road

Twenty years ago this month, the first 3D Super Mario game made its way to North America. Although it was by no means the first 3D video game, Super Mario 64 – the flagship title for the Nintendo 64 – was one of the most comprehensive and immersive 3D platformers up to this point. For many of us, it was the beginning of a new era of console games.


This week, we are taking a look at an amazing N64 romhack; Super Mario 64 Star Road that not only adds new levels and features, but also adds multiplayer support.

Super Mario 64 Star Road is a completely redone romhack with over 120 stars and new worlds. The story sounds like some kind of cross between Zelda and standard Mario fare. Bowser has found the way into a secret world called the Star Road, home of the Star Spirits and is hoping to use the realm’s fantastic powers to overrun the mushroom kingdom.


Many of the areas play homage to other Super Mario games such as the mushroom forests of the original Super Mario Brothers and the Super Mario World castle levels. It’s a pretty great experience to make your way through the 3D versions of these classic worlds. Worlds include the Mushroom Mountain Town, Creepy Cap Cave, Puzzle of the Vanish Cap, Bowser’s Slippery Swamp, Sandy Secret Slide, Retro Remix Castle, Windy Wing Cap Well, Bowser’s Rainbow Rumble.


What’s even cooler is the game’s multiplayer version. The ability to play a version of this classic game with a friend is tons of fun. The rom hackers did a great job in developing this functionality. The 2nd player does not feel arbitrary and the camera works well for a two-player version. The game is filled with secret areas and tricks. Celebrate your nostalgia for this classic game by trying out this excellent Rom hack.

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