Shag – Flyule

I’m a big fan of hiphop, and Zelda, as it should come to no surprise for those famailar with some of my projects. Flyrule is a near-masterpiece to me. With MPC Style beat-chopping and a fresh take on the classic soundtrack, beat-maker Shag takes us to a Legend of Zelda we haven’t heard before.

This is a compilation of Zelda beats I’ve made over the past 6 months or so. This game defined my childhood. I spent countless hours surrounding myself in the game and it’s music, so it’s only natural that I pay homage to it in the best way I know how.
– Shag

Available from Bandcamp at a Name-Your-Price, this album is definitely worth a listen. Check it out in the player below and head over to Bandcamp and support Shag if you like it.



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