Starbomb – Minecraft Is For Everyone ( Dj CUTMAN Remix )

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This is my remix of Starbomb’s super smash hit “Minecraft Is For Everyone” from the album Player Select!

I spent over a billion hours hand-sculpting over 41,000 samples per second to give your ears the warm tender loving they so desperately need! Starbomb is the internet supergroup comprised of animator Arin Hanson (also known as “Egoraptor”), Danny Avidan and Brian Wecht of American comedy duo Ninja Sex Party. Wow, Wikipedia sure has some great bios these days.

Arin and Danny are also known for their “work” on the YouTube channel, Game Grumps! You know, it’s the one where the guys do the thing with the games and everybody laughs. Seriously, they’re a blast to watch, check out their channel –

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