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Chiptunes = WIN = EXPANDED!!! \m|♥|m/

As of last night, Monday October 1st 2012,  the Chiptunes = WIN Expansion Pack is OFFICIALLY RELEASED!!!
A direct sequel to the first mega-compilation, this one expands upon it with 22 brand new, unreleased tracks from 24 completely different artists!!  All found on Bandcamp at chiptuneswin.com, pay what you want with a base price of FREE, same as the first! And, of course, once again mastered excellently by the ALWAYS  awesome Dj CUTMAN! Nothing else for me to say (although CLICK HERE to read what Destructoid thinks about it ;), except…


\m||m/ GET TO LISTENING, YO!!! \m||m/



And hey, just in case you haven’t heard the first one yet, HERE YA GO!!  =D