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Anamanaguchi live on Late Night Jimmy Fallon

It is with great pride I post this embed code. Anamanaguchi the four-piece chiptune rock band from Brooklyn played a featured set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. These hard-working dudes recently became Kickstarter’s most successful band and deserve all the success they’ve seen. I recently got to see them in Philadelphia with the show they put on with 8static, it was awesome. Check out the video below

Check out a version with better audio on Kotaku.

A DJ set of Pinball Chiptunes – Dj CUTMAN’s Pinball Wizardry

This is a mixtape of pinball chiptune remixes I put together for a big pinball charity event in Brooklyn, Pinball Pinsgiving for Hurricane Sandy relief! The chiptunes were recorded from a collection of pinball machines, but unfortunately the raw recordings had no metadata, so I don’t know what machines these samples are from. A bunch of helpful pinball fans (and redditors :) have contributed the name of some of the tracks in the Soundcloud comments. If you can pick any of the machines out, please take a moment to post in the comments!

If you liked this mix, why not download an album,

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Art by Tron Bonne,

8-Bit Beastie: A Chipmusic Tribute To The Beastie Boys

Behold, a free Chiptune Beastie Boys tribute album. Featuring Chip’s Challenge, Square Therapy, MyLifeIsPixels, Pixel8ter and more, this album samples original Beastie vocals and features new chip arrangements. I’m sure MCA is saying “that’s dope” up in hip hop heaven.

Download the album on Bandcamp.