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Retro Music Bundle

GameMusicBundle-RetroLogoLove retro game music? There’s never been a more awesome opportunity to pick up a plethora of game soundtracks, many never released before! For only seven more days, you can head over to GameMusicBundle.com and for only $1, pick up FIVE awesome soundtracks, including Duke Nukum 3D and MYST! For $10, get a total of EIGHTTEEN soundtracks, including my personal favorites Double Dragon Neon by virt and Alter Ego Dreamwalker by Coda! Head over to GameMusicBundle.com

Friday Freakout: Seven Ubiktune albums for $1 = CHIP INSTABUY!!!!!!!

Typically I just write about one new album per Friday. Today, however, I’MA CHEAT & BREAK THE HELL OUTTA THAT RULE.  8) SEVEN DIFFERENT ALBUMS FROM UBIKTUNE COMING RIGHT ATCHA!!!

And all of these INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING  releases from some of *THE*  most influential artists in the chipscene for only ONE DAMN DOLLAR…!!!  That’s over a $30 discount for those of you wondering. :OOOOO

To get ahold of this AMAZING  deal before it expires, click on the following Bundle Dragon link and snatch it up:


Feel free to check out the streams of any/all of the albums below (let me give you a head’s up: THEY’RE *ALL* AMAZING). Or if you’ve discovered this article after  the bundle has expired, you can still  obtain all of the albums via the artists’ individual Bandcamp pages. Will cost you a bit more than a dollar, but still VERY MUCH  worth it.