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GameChops & Groupees present The Triforce Bundle, supporting Child’s Play Charity

UPDATE: Rewards and bonuses have been added! Get an unreleased Triforce of Bass track DEKU DEKU PALACE by dj-Jo!

GameChops and Groupees team up to offer you the new album, The Triforce of Bass and a chance to contribute to charity, all while gaining access to exclusive music.

Announcing the GameChops Triforce of Bass Bundle at http://groupees.com/triforce , officially launching Tuesday August 21, 2012. This digital bundle offers you the new Triforce of Bass album (MP3 & FLAC), a collection of 3 EPs that remix themes from several generations of The Legend of Zelda, as mixed by four unique DJ’s. Mykah is a DJ from Liverpool UK, bringing a tribal, moobah and drum’n’bass influences. dj-Jo is a FL Studio producer from Florida who wilds the heaviest synths and intense drum production. Dj CUTMAN and Spamtron remix and remaster their classic EP Bagu and the Riverman with DJ friendly edits with a new level of clarity in the mix.

Pay What You Want for the bundle, with no minimum, but everyone who contributes $2 or more will also get an unreleased Dj CUTMAN Zelda remix, “The Lost Bagu Beat”. A portion of all contributions to the campaign go to Child’s Play Charity, a game industry organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. If we can work together to reach our goal, all participants will get an unreleased Dj CUTMAN Chrono Trigger remix and a behind-the-scenes video into Dj CUTMAN’s Chiptune recording studio! Not to mention some really cool and unique prizes from GameChops! Check out this special opportunity at http://groupees.com/triforce

The Chiptune Hero Bundle – Chiptunes & Charity

http://yawma.net/bundles/cut For 7 days only, check out my CHIPTUNE HERO BUNDLE! Pay what you want for collective of FIVE Chiptune remixes and THREE unreleased beats! Contributors have a shot at a limited edition cut of GameChops Volume 2 and other awesome prizes! 20% of your donations will go straight to Child’s Play charity, helping sick kids in hospitals get games to play and the care they need – www.childsplaycharity.org

If the goal of $500 is reached I will create a custom remix that YOU vote on over on my Facebook page. All contributors get the remix! http://fb.me/djcutman

The #1 Top Donor will receive a Dj CUTMAN T-Shirt and the SIGNED STUDIO MASTERS of GameChops Volume 2 [ a truly one of a kind item! ] The top 16 donors will all get a limited-edition promo copy of GameChops Volume 2 BEFORE it’s official release [ also signed! ]

http://yawma.net/bundles/cut to name your price and get the Chiptune Hero bundle!