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Powerglove – The Remixes

This summer I held my first remix contest. I had written this track with friend and label-mate Benjamin Briggs and had it mastered by producer/DJ 23 from Monstercat Media. Needless to say, I considered it a successful collab, I DJ’d the track at shows and it sounded great and got people moving, but in the collaboration process I had to sacrifice some ideas I had for the sake if the project as a whole. Riffs and melodic ideas that didn’t fit once there was another cook in the kitchen. What Ben and 23 came up with was so awesome and so far beyond what I had imagined myself, I decided to open up the track for a public remix contest. I wanted to hear what the track would become if even more people got involved.

Two friends of mine had started a freelance audio website AudioCatch earlier in the year and I participated as a beta tester. When they caught wind that I wanted to hold a remix contest, they were quick to help. They offered a sponsorship that funded our Grand Prize, as well as provided a platform for submitting, reviewing and judging entries.

The winning remix was by Upstate New York DJ/Producer Direktor, who I had coincidently met at my show with Excision this summer. Direktor transposed the tune and transformed it into a formidable dubstep track, loud and brilliant. But there were so many other entries that were top notch, I couldn’t stop there.

With Ben’s help, we picked out the best 6 remixes and put together this album, Powerglove: THE REMIXES. I even took some time and recreated what my “original” version of the song may have sounded like, and included it as a VIP mix for those who choose to pay for the album.

Powerglove was based very loosely off the opening riff from the Nintendo game MIG29: Soviet Fighter. GameChops is my record label for video game music, combining music production and a passion for gaming. All purchases go directly to supporting the artists and funding new music, so please purchase Powerglove: THE REMIXES if you can.

Remix stems are still available if you’d like to try your hand at remixing the original track. Check out GameChops.com for remix stems.

Friday Freakout: New Decktonic = BASSTASTIC!!!

I like bass. A lot. Folk that know me even halfway decently are aware of this fact. Hell, I’ve played bass guitar for over 10 years now! BASS IS GOOD. Moves the body, causes babies to be made, makes the world go ’round. For any of you that feel similarly about the goodness that is bass, I’ve got a chipalbum with your name written all over it:

Stars by Decktonic

I’ve been a fan of Decktonic’s for nearly a year now. As long as I’ve been listening, dude’s been consistently laying down some tasty, bassy chipgrooves.  It was a complete no brainer to try and get a track from him for the first Chiptunes = WIN compilation, and awesomely enough he joined right in. \m/ It turned out that his kickass submission, Africa, was a track from this then unreleased album. From the very first listen through I knew right off that it was gonna be a killer release when it finally dropped. And I’m thrilled to say, I WAS DAMN RIGHT.  Stars is 10 tracks of TOTAL WIN in an amalgam of varying musical styles, all composed with KORG DS10+ and Nanoloop. More importantly, all composed with buttloads of bass. You feel this stuff right in your gut. Literally.  ;) In fact, do your bass loving self a favor when you listen to this album and take Decktonic’s advice: listen via some good cans and/or sound system with solid bass response so that you don’t miss out on any of the deep basstasticness. Honestly, if this album doesn’t get your foot tapping, head nodding, ass shaking, and feet moving, there’s no hope for you. Don’t be hopeless. EMBRACE THE BASS. <– NEW LIFE MOTTO. 8)


Chiptunes = WIN, a 51 Track Chiptune Compilation is Here.

It is finally here. The EPIC, 51 track compilation organized by Brandon L Hood and the Chiptunes=WIN Facebook group, and mastered by Dj CUTMAN.