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This Week in Chiptune (TWiC) Podcast on hold until September

Hi, CUTMAN here. This Week in Chiptune will be taking a break for the month of August while I get ready for the fall. All 70 episodes are streamable from ThisWeekInChiptune.com.

I’ve updated our Patreon with new goals, and if we can reach them, I’ll be able to start producing new and exciting content. An idea I’ve had for a long time is Chiptune Interviews. We got a taste of the interview format with MegaRan in episode 041, if we meet our $300 goal I can produce Interview episodes while still delivering an hour of new chiptune music each week.

Support TWiC on Patreon

Rewards have been updated too. I’ll be posting more exclusive content to my Patron-only stream. Making any pledge at all will get you into the After Parties.

If you enjoy listening to TWiC, make a pledge on Patreon. As little as $1 a week makes a huge difference to me. Thanks for reading.