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Friday Freakout: the PANDAstar shines the brightest!!!

There ain’t a lot of chicks in chiptune.  That’s one part a running gag (SO MANY DUDES~!!! :O ) and another part the honest truth. Regrettably, there really aren’t  very many female chipartists in the scene! That said, the ones we do have are limitlessly talented and represent the fairer sex’s artistic bent with a ferocity. Today, I provide you with an EXCELLENT  example of this in:

by PANDAstar

spaceDRIFT is 11 tracks of hyperly wonderful, wonderfully hyper LSDj chipjams of pure, ultra concentrated, unadulterated JOY. I’m not sure it’s even possible  to listen to this album and not feel an overwhelming sense of happy within. IT’S LIKE RIDING THROUGH A FIELD OF L.E.D. FLOWERS WHILE ON A BADASS SPACE UNICORN THAT SHOOTS LASER BEAMS AT TROLLS WHILE YOU’RE EATING ICE CREAM MADE OF MAGICAL AWESOME!!!
EXACTLY. 8)  And while it’s been nearly a year & a half since this wonderful chippy gem dropped, it’s EASILY  worth today’s write-up just to catch the folk who missed it (hell, I only discovered it a few months ago myself!).

It also makes for a really good opportunity to tip you off about her upcoming new album “TROPOSPHERE”! ;D While I don’t have a release date to share with you (Panda says, “SOON…“), I can  link you to a preview track from the upcoming excellence:

Man oh man, if that track doesn’t tickle your happy place(s), GET THE FURK OUTTA HERE!!!

Although if this very latest upload on her Soundcloud is any indicator, chip isn’t the only musical artistry that Panda has up her sleeves:

To be released under the alternate alias SP33D, this sampler mash-up has a very lush, ethereal, spacey soundscape happening. It’s a significantly different direction than her energetic chipmusic, but IMHO holds the potential to be just as amazing. Yet another outlet for her to showcase her tremendous musical talent!

Although to be completely frank, all of Panda’s future musical ventures are in limbo at the moment. She’s in a fairly tricky bind and could use a bit of help to get out of it. Feel free to donate via any of her excellent albums on Bandcamp, or if you’re feeling really  awesome you can PayPal her directly at cheetah1144@yahoo.com.
It’s a good chance to give back to someone who’s already given so much  to the chipscene. ^_^

Plus, yanno, Merry Christmas and all that crap. ;)