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Friday Freakout: New Br1ght Pr1mate album released!!!

I ♥ Br1ght Pr1mate. So hard.  J-Prime & L-Primal simply know how to make quality chipmusic that tickles me right in my happy place(s). The fact that they’re one of the very first chipgroups I discovered and experienced live (at PAX East 2011 in the MAGFest Jamspace) doesn’t hurt. Then again neither does the fact that they release albums like this one:

Night Animals
by Br1ght Pr1mate

This brand spankin’ new 10 track collection of chiptastic, bombastic merriment & joy has quickly become one of my favorite things of 2012/this decade/EVAR. This shouldn’t be too surprising when you learn that the album has been in production for three damn years…!!!  :O In James’ own words, “It is what we set out to do as BRIGHT PRIMATE.” I suppose I can agree with that if what they intended was to be exceptional sources of creativity, positivity, and professionalism within the chipscene. Well, that and to make an EPICLY BADASS ALBUM, of course. ;)

Night animals is about half instrumental earjoys and half sultry Lydia vox-a-paloozas. Quite literally; the first half is vox driven, & the second half is mostly instrumental. While the instrumentals are wholly amazing and worthy of an EP all on their own merit, it’s the vocal tracks that really  make this album stand out among the crowd of instrumental chipalbums; they prove that vocal chip CAN  be done, and done WELL, regardless of the fact that not many chipartists seem to agree with said theory. Honestly, both the production value of the overall album in general and the extraordinarily high creativity level of ALL of the compositions makes for one of the best examples of what chiptune truly can be. To borrow a statement from James and Lydia, “Its been an effort of love and we believe that it represents another small step forward in the evolution of chip music from a basement hobbyists pursuit to what we all know it can become.” Damn well said. 

If nothing else, spend the extraordinarily deserved $5 on this release for the album art alone.