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Dj CUTMAN to Release Link’s Awakening tribute album “MeowMeow & BowWow” on 8/31

meowmeow and bowwow coverDj CUTMAN has just announced that they will be releasing an “unofficial sort-of-sequel” to the breakout EP Bagu and the Riverman, a tribute to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

The album’s full title is “The Story of Madam Meow Meow & Bow Wow the Dog,” a verbose reference to two NPCs that appear in the town of Mabe in Link’s Awakening.

The album art, designed by Tron Bonne Art, shows the characters jamming with two Legendary Instruments, the sacred artifacts that it’s the player’s quest to find (I’m not sure if Bow Wow is jamming or devouring.) The art also shows the game’s Owl guide and the Wind Fish’s egg, two significant elements to the story of Link’s Awakening.

With almost two years since the original release of Bagu and the Riverman, these two chiptune producers have set the bar high in terms of electronic remix albums. Meow Meow & Bow Wow comes out on August 31st. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Dj CUTMAN is holding a release party at the PhilaMOCA. Check out this Facebook Event for more details.

OCRemix: 25 Year Legend

A little slow on the uptake of this fine album from OCRemix, “25 Year Legend” is a collection of Zelda-inspired songs by some on indie gaming’s greatest composers. People like Disasterpeace, Joshua Morse, Big Giant Circles, MisfitChris, and SoulEye all contribute stunning arrangement in their trademark styles. This album stands out to me as a one of the finest examples of how a diverse set of genres can feel through cohesive thanks to a strong theme. The music of The Legend of Zelda is powerful on its own, in the hands of so many talented composers it truly becomes magic.

Watch the trailer below and download on OCRemix.