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Henry Homesweet – Essential Chip Mix 2011

The new Henry Homesweet Essential Chip Mix is out! Released by Bleepstreet Records, this mix will take you through some of the best Chiptune tracks of this year! Listen now, man, we’re waisting time!

Henry Homesweet is a British Chiptune artist who currently uses Nanoloop on two Gameboy Advances. I saw him DESTROY EVERYTHING at this years BlipFestival, including ending his set by pouring FourLoko on his head and tearing the cart out of his gameboy. If this was twitter the only suitable tag would be #badass

You can listen to more Henry Homesweet and Bleepstreet Records on their respective Soundcloud pages, add Henry on MySpace and Facebook to support this radical dude. His website is a trip, and worth checking out if you’re into old hardware induced insanity, babes, and ball-pits [ I mean, who isn’t? ]

Onto the mix! Full tracklist right here.

Henry Homesweet – Essential Chip Mix 2011 by BLEEPSTREET Records

The T-MODE Dubstep Mix is out!

Just dropped this mix, based on my performance last weekend at T-MODE. A lot of dope dubstep and dance music. Tracks collected from 8bitcollective, Newgrounds, and a few other sources. Enjoy the mix!

As always, it’s provided as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Soundcloud.

I’ve also included a full tracklist below with links to download all of the creative commons tracks. Enjoy free music!!
Creative Commons Tracklist:

Omen Mix – microhertz
Crowd Control – xKore
Magnum – xKore
Bloody Tears [Castlevania 2] – Doni
Game Over – Labcoat and mac.
Ghosts n Stuff [Deadmou5] – OxygenStar
Apart – Je Mappelle
Time – DJFiendO
Lost Woods – Ephixa