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12 Days of MAGfest: Chipzel

Chipzel will be appearing at MAGfest, whipping up a whirlwind of chiptune MAGnificence. ChipzelĀ (Niamh Houston) is well known for composing the soundtrack to Super Hexagon, an indie action-twitch game made by Terry Cavanagh. Hailing from Norhern Ireland, Chipzel is currently based in London and is an active part of the London Chiptune scene. Continue reading 12 Days of MAGfest: Chipzel

Doni’s Mario RPG EP – Goombette

A couple hours of early, the new GameChops album is released!

Gombette is a collection of tracks inspired by the Super Mario Role Playing game Super Mario RPG, and the Paper Mario series. Five tracks in migrating styles of house, electro, and chillout. It’s certainly a soundtrack for adventuring.

Just who is the Doni character, precisely?
Doni is a Canadian producer who’s music traverses genre lines. Influenced by electro, dubstep and chillout, Doni’s sound continues to evolve with each new production.

More Doni: YouTube | Soundcloud | Facebook

Knife City’s debut EP

This is the first official (non-sucky ;) release for Knife City, aka Luke Silas. Drummer for chiptune-rock band Anamanaguchi and gameboy thrasher, Knife City brings high-impact dance music that you can’t help but get down to. This EP is five tracks, available from bandcamp for pay-what-you-want. Stream and download from the player below, and support this guy if you can!

More Knife City on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Shave it, Pirates! Zedd vs. Big Giant Circles Mash-Up

Working on my set for MAGFest, I came up with this at a coffee shop. Three days of listening to nothing but this, the final mix. is up for download. Please support the artists sampled in this mashup by buying their songs at the links below.

Samples linked below! Get’em!

Support Big Giant Circles!

Support ZEDD!