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Fantasy Grooves – A New Album from Dj CUTMAN

Hey folks, it’s with great pride I present to you my new album Fantasy Grooves, a spiritual successor to my 2012 release WiiU Grooves. Fantasy Grooves takes inspiration from the Nintendo 3DS game Fantasy Life. I hope that these tracks will be a joy to listen to for those who have played the game, and those who haven’t.

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Dj CUTMAN – WiiU Grooves

Last week I got a WiiU, and felt oddly inspired by that long firmware update that happens as soon as you turn the thing on. I sat content, tidying up my living room and listening to the tunes Nintendo put together to sooth the frayed nerves of excited gamers everywhere. I felt oddly inspired, and created a 9 track album of remixes sampled from the WiiU. Download now from my site:


The album is name-your-price with no minimum, so download for free if you’d like. Support me by sharing the link to this album with your friends online. Shoot me a message on twitter @VideoGameDJ and let me know what you think!


Doni’s Mario RPG EP – Goombette

A couple hours of early, the new GameChops album is released!

Gombette is a collection of tracks inspired by the Super Mario Role Playing game Super Mario RPG, and the Paper Mario series. Five tracks in migrating styles of house, electro, and chillout. It’s certainly a soundtrack for adventuring.

Just who is the Doni character, precisely?
Doni is a Canadian producer who’s music traverses genre lines. Influenced by electro, dubstep and chillout, Doni’s sound continues to evolve with each new production.

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