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bLiNd – NESteryears

NESterYears-Black-Cover-GCMAGfest may be over, but GameChops is just heating up! This new release is a huge milestone, Overclocked Remixer bLiNd has created TEN remixes based on games from the Nintendo Entertainment System; Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, Castlevania and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few! It’s called NESteryears and you can download it right now!

I’ve been listening to bLiNd’s music for nearly a decade, it is a great honor to have worked with him to release this album. Some of you may remember my bLiNd Trance mix from back in 2010, which showcased my appreciate for bLiNd’s music.

NESteryears is a licensed remix album thanks to a collborative effort between GameChops and Joypad Records.

Sometimes I forgot what got me into this [ Pictionary OST ]

Sometimes I forget what got me into Chiptunes in the first place. Games like this. I owned Pictionary for NES, It comprised of a selection of mini games, much like the WarioWare series. I used to play with my little sister (and sometimes my parents). Games were simple, like catching mindless sprites falling out of a flaming building. Or jumping around from platform to platform, dodging a beachball on the moon. You know, stuff the whole family can enjoy. It also had chippin’ sweet music by Tim Follin.

EDIT: I couldn’t resist, I had to make a beat from one of the selections.

Pictionary by Dj CUTMAN