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Snowdin Shopkeep Theme (Toni Leys Remix)

The Summer is starting to wind down as we hit the middle of August. Soon the leaves will begin to fall and before you know it, we’ll be looking outside at our own Snowdin. It’s nice to escape the hot sun once in a while so crank up the A/C, grab a blanket, and enjoy Toni Leys’ Snowdin Shopkeep Theme Remix.

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James Landino – Wave Racer 1080 [Review]

Grab your jet ski and follow that dolphin with James Landino’s latest single off of StrobeNetwork Records, Wave Racer 1080.

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Where’s the Chiptunes, CUT MAN?

What’s with me not posting Chiptunes as much as I used to? Well frak that, this new tune from 8bc artist FearOfDark is super great so I’m posting it. I’ve been a fan of this guys lighthearted mood and his deep composition. In my DJing, i’m learning FearOfDark is one of the gateway chiptuners, getting people who may not enjoy (or be able to handle) chiptunes into the genre. Enjoy the tune.

[audio: fearofdark-snowburn.mp3]