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Sonic & Knuckles – Boss The Boss

Found this mp3 in a little stint of listening to boss music today, had to post it cause it’s good and I like good things. I also like things that rock. I really like the changeup around 2:20. I think this is when you fight metal sonic.

[audio: bosstheboss-sonicknuckles.mp3]

VG Remixes + Baltimore Club = DJ Sega

DJ Sega - New Jack Philly

Fans of the Baltimore Club sound beware, DJ Sega has released a full-length mixtape with well over an hour of heart pounding club music primed to test the limits of your speaker system. This mix features 28 blazing tracks @ 135bmp, featuring a myriad of video game samples and original beats all produced and mixed by DJ Sega himself. His new album, New Jack Philly, is available now. Here’s the first track:


If you don’t know, now ya know.