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VOIA & Glass Islands – Moving [In-Depth Review]

VOIA and Glass Islands teamed up to create an original and evocative cyberpunk EP, Moving. Moving consists of three tracks with vocals by VOIA and serve more like chapters in a story, rather than three individual songs. Prelude, Moving, and Running, all revolving around a unifying theme of momentum, create a sonic backdrop that evokes the vision of a sprawling cyberpunk metropolis. Continue reading VOIA & Glass Islands – Moving [In-Depth Review]

This is what a SPAMTRON looks like

I always get a kick out of looking at the waveforms for chiptunes, they always seem to look the way they sound. The old chipsets didn’t have the resolution of modern recording equipment, so the waveforms always come out blocky and sweet like a sprite in a nintendo game. Here’s a shot of the waveform from UP, an off-the-wall-hard-core chiptune track by Spamtron. This track is so intense my volume meter barely even moves it just sits right at the top fucking my earholes open. awesome.

And of course, here’s the track.
[audio: spamtron-up.mp3]

It’s off the album D-PAD and is available on Spamtron’s Website