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VOIA & Glass Islands – Moving [In-Depth Review]

VOIA and Glass Islands teamed up to create an original and evocative cyberpunk EP, Moving. Moving consists of three tracks with vocals by VOIA and serve more like chapters in a story, rather than three individual songs. Prelude, Moving, and Running, all revolving around a unifying theme of momentum, create a sonic backdrop that evokes the vision of a sprawling cyberpunk metropolis. Continue reading VOIA & Glass Islands – Moving [In-Depth Review]

Cheap Dinosaurs – Triangle Trash

Cheap Dinosaurs new album Triangle TrashCheap Dinosaurs, the Philadelphia chiptune supergroup, have launched their first album in three years on Sunday via 8static. Triangle Trash is six incredible tracks by the band, incorporating programmed chiptunes alongside live guitar, drums, and synthesizers.

Cheap Dinosaurs is lead by Dino Lionetti, and features other notable philly chip artists Animal Style, Chipocrite, Bucky and An0va. The band has been performing since 2008.

Download Cheap Dinosaurs – Triangle Trash from Bandcamp

Auxcide releases two new chiptune albums on 8Static (Philadelphia)

8Static has been Philadelphia’s premier chipmusic event for the past five years, but things have really been ramping up in the past few months. Piggybacking on the success of their first 8Static Festival, the grassroots group have been quietly building a label of some of the best and most diverse chipmusic the east-coast chiptune scene has to offer.

This week chipmusician and multi-instrumentalist Auxcide released not one but two new chiptune albums with 8static. Pixel and Speck are two electronic, experimental and danceable albums containing both original tunes and awesome cover songs. Check them out at the players below, and support your local chipmusician!

Friday Freakout: New EP by The J Arthur Keenes Band!!!

Vocally lead chiptune is kicking ass lately. Obviously you’ve got Br1ght Pr1mate with their stellar release Night Animals just the other day; that album in of itself is enough for me to confidently make that claim. And now, you’ve also got THIS:

The World’s Smallest Violin
by The J Arthur Keenes Band

This EP comes at you with 5 extraordinarily solid tracks of powerfully lush, excellently composed eargasms. The fantastic mix of lead and harmony vox drive this release along quite wonderfully, but it doesn’t hurt that there’s a wildly varied assortment of different instruments throughout it; various and variously effected guitars and stringed instruments, brass, keys, accordion, drums & percussion toys, and, of course, a fair amount of chippy goodness. Honestly, this album is a great example of chiptune as an instrument, as that’s simply what it is here! Albeit a fantastically used instrument, of course. ;)

The wonderful atmosphere, energy, and just all around vibe created by the STELLAR mix is worth writing about as well. Wanna know how to mix a winning chipalbum? ASK THIS GUY. Seriously, just put on a good set of cans, hit play, close your eyes AND LISTEN TO THE SONIC JOY. This EP has very quickly become one of my favorite chip EPs of the year if not all time. There’s a special sort of magic, energy, FUN on this album that I can’t quite capture in words. And I’m damn rare to point out a particular song on an album and/or pick a favorite, but HOLY FURKIN ZOMBOCON BOTH “MONSTERS” AND “OKAY” ARE GETTING POINTED THE BEEJEEBUS RIGHT OUT~!!! The entire thing is great, but those first two snag me something fierce.

In summation, if you can’t enjoy this album, well… FUCK YOU. <3