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bLiNd – Nocturnalism: Video Game Remixer releases full-length original EDM album

bLiNd - NocturnalismbLiNd, the producer best known for his video game remixes with GameChops and Overclocked Remix has just released his debut original album. The album contains 12 tracks, some of which he has teased on his Soundcloud, page over the past two years. The opening track, Blackened, was included on a compilation released by deadmau5’s label Mau5trap in 2013.

The album comes as nothing less than we’d expect from the producer / engineer with over 15 years experience. Crystal clear house, trance and dance music with masterful sound design and a tempered aesthetic. Download it now on Bandcamp for $7 or pick up a physical copy for $10

Download bLiNd – Nocturnalism on Bandcamp

Auxcide releases two new chiptune albums on 8Static (Philadelphia)

8Static has been Philadelphia’s premier chipmusic event for the past five years, but things have really been ramping up in the past few months. Piggybacking on the success of their first 8Static Festival, the grassroots group have been quietly building a label of some of the best and most diverse chipmusic the east-coast chiptune scene has to offer.

This week chipmusician and multi-instrumentalist Auxcide released not one but two new chiptune albums with 8static. Pixel and Speck are two electronic, experimental and danceable albums containing both original tunes and awesome cover songs. Check them out at the players below, and support your local chipmusician!

aivi & surasshu | The Black Box

aivi & surasshu - The Black Box - coverUbiktune’s new release has me in awe. We’ve covered some of this netlabel’s other releases in the past, but nothing has quite struck at a chord  with me like this release (oh man, that was a music pun… someone summon brentalfloss)

The Black Box is a collaborative album from two artists, pianist Aivi and chiptune programmer Surasshu. Together they’ve woven a beautiful ten track album. What makes this really special is comic artist Diana Jakobsson has illustrated a gorgeous comic book for the album. The fusion of art, music and storytelling is wonderful, and nothing short of inspiring.

Download the release from Ubiktune or Bandcamp right now. As far as progressive chiptune music goes, this one sets new heights for the growing scene. Bravo!


Smiletron – Vision

Smiletron is the most dedicated musician I have known. From production, to package, to the way the message is delivered, Smiletron’s work is remarkable. His new release, VISION, is ten tracks of progressive chipmusic, offered completely for free. With it, a note:

VISION can be downloaded here. Smiletron can be found on Tumblr and Facebook.