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MegaRan – August thru September 2015 Tour

Nerdcore rapper MegaRan is going on tour across the United States and the UK this August and September. The self-proclaimed “Teacher, Rapper, Hero” combines chiptune video game soundtracks with hiphop instrumentals to create a unique and exciting form of positive rap music. This tour is to promote his upcoming release RNDM which drops on September 15th.

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bLiNd – Nocturnalism: Video Game Remixer releases full-length original EDM album

bLiNd - NocturnalismbLiNd, the producer best known for his video game remixes with GameChops and Overclocked Remix has just released his debut original album. The album contains 12 tracks, some of which he has teased on his Soundcloud, page over the past two years. The opening track, Blackened, was included on a compilation released by deadmau5’s label Mau5trap in 2013.

The album comes as nothing less than we’d expect from the producer / engineer with over 15 years experience. Crystal clear house, trance and dance music with masterful sound design and a tempered aesthetic. Download it now on Bandcamp for $7 or pick up a physical copy for $10

Download bLiNd – Nocturnalism on Bandcamp

Jordan Steven – Dragons’ Odyssey OST

Jordan Steven, know throughout the VGM community as bLiNd, has been producing top-notch video game remixes for years. Best known for his trance remixes on Overclocked Remix, he has just released a new project in a new direction. The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey is the original soundtrack to an iOS JRPG. Jordan first soundtrack, Dragons’ Odyssey is truly remarkable, with expressive arrangements in 38 moving tracks. This is a far cry from Jordan’s previous EDM-style game remixes, with expansive soundscapes, moods and instrumentation.

The 38-Track album is available now on Bandcamp