Ubiktune – Equilibrium

I stumbled upon this album by way of Brandon L Hood and the Chiptunes=WIN facebook group, and I’m still in awe. Released in April of 2011 by netlabel Ubiktune, Equilibrium is a multiple artist comp of soothing, chilled out NES chiptune, unlike anything else I’ve heard. Original Sound Version writes:

“Equilibrium features 9 talented NES chip music artists, including FearofDark, Rushjet as well as surasshu who together create a soothing soundscape of tranquility, peace and a melodic balance inspired by the sea side and docks of Japan. The songs are ripe with inspiration and full of atmosphere, making use of ingenious sound effects to create a setting rarely heard from chiptunes, let alone NES based.”

Download from Equilibrium Ubiktune

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