Unleash Your Creativity With The du-touch S

Back in 2014, the developers at Dualo released their unique electronic musical instrument, the du-touch. The instrument was unlike anything ever before conceived; it combines the freedom and feedback of a traditional instrument with the flexibility of a home studio. Right now, Dualo has a Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd generation device, the du-touch S.

The du-touch was created to provide musicians with the pick-up-and-play feeling granted by other instruments, like a guitar or trumpet. You can use it at home with Dualo’s du-station software or on the go either out-of-the-box or with your own samples. Not only does it play back samples, but you can create loops in real time and program your compositions all on your du-touch.

du-touch cross section


Dualo has launched a Kickstarter for a newer, more compact model called the du-touch S. The regular du-touch has 5 octaves whereas the du-touch S has only 3. The smaller size is certainly not a limitation, however. This makes it all the more suitable for travel and accessibility. It weighs in at 1.2 pounds and features 8 hours of battery life, great for musicians who are on-the-go and performing live.

This instrument seems perfect live electronic musicians or DJs who incorporate live elements into their sets. For those attempting things too complex for just a midi keyboard or even just to have a new, intuitive interface in your live instrument repertoire, the du-touch S has the potential to be an incredibly useful tool.

This campaign has only one more day to go, so act quickly! On Dualo’s Kickstarter page, you can back this project, buy a T-shirt, or even just pledge to support the developers.

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