Blizzard Promoting ‘Overwatch’ With Gorgeous Animations

Overwatch, set to launch on May 24th on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A multi player FPS and Blizzard’s first release of it’s type, which you can play FREE during the Open Beta May 5-9! You can pre-order here. After the jump, check out the first two animated clips from Blizzard for Overwatch.

The 3 part animated series will each delve into a different subject. This clip “Recall” covers Winston’s background. A comic, Overwatch: First Strike will also be released to fill out more of the games story.

The second clip “Alive” ‘weaves a tale of Widowmaker, the peerless Talon assassin who stalks her prey with deadly efficiency. In this episode, we spend a fateful night in London’s King’s Row.’

Are you excited about Overwatch? Will you play in the beta? Let us know in the comments!

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