ChipTuesday: The Magnificent Meat Shower

I had this idea I stole from myself, and I’m going to run with it. While working over at Moving Box Studios I was creating a weekly blog post I called “Track Tuesday” where I would post a new mix I was working on out of the recording studio. Well, since the new year happened I’ve been running all over the east coast and haven’t had time to produce any new artists out of the Moving Box. So I’m transferring the idea over here and calling it ChipTuesday, where I’m going to go on 8bitcollective and post an easily accessible track from their weekly chart over here. Yeah, I guess it’s kind of lame… if by lame you mean pretty neato keen gang. [alright, that last part was actually lame. way to go me.]

This week it’s a new track from one of my favorite Chiptune artists Coda called The Magnificent Meat Shower. Have a listen!


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